Tablet update 2018

The 2018-9 register and tablet update is ready and available to download. Please follow these instructions carefully......


Feel free to read this page from a phone or other computer,




1.       Once you have reached this web page on your tablet click on this link to download and install the update

2.       What do you want to do with…….? Tap ‘Save’ (you may not see this step)

3.       Tap ‘Run’ (even if it is reported as being uncommon)

4.       ‘Windows protected your PC’ – tap ‘More info’ and ‘Run anyway’
      (Avast may scan looking for ‘something bad’) (you may not see this step)

5.       ‘Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes? Tap ‘Yes’

6.       Tap ‘Continue’

7.       Follow the onscreen prompts - the most you will have to do is tap 'OK'.
(If your tablet appears to pause, please leave alone and allow it to  continue)

8.       At the end, it will say 'Finished' and may appear to freeze. Please leave it alone and make a cup of tea (or G&T)
      When you get back, it should have restarted and you can start to create your regeisters


Please visit for full instructions on everything register related

Please do read them before starting registers to save yourself time and frustration :)